What is a Tiny Pool?

The TINY POOL is the brainchild of a native Texan who loves enjoying the outdoors no matter what the season. Typically a pool is seasonal and functions as a means for “play”. Our concept breaks the mold.

Our custom concrete pools are built with an engineered sliding deck cover so that you don’t lose your yard to your new pool. The two usable spaces can be enjoyed throughout the Texas seasons, which as we know, can happen all in one day! From size, to swim jet placement, to a relaxing beach area of varying depths, your inground pool shell will be built to meet your needs. When you are enjoying the pool, your cover manually slides to become usable deck space where a typical pool would house concrete.

Double Open_1 - Photo

When you’re not taking a dip, our patent pending cover allows you to safely enjoy the space above the pool by sliding closed to keep out children, pets and debris. It also blocks the hot sun and keeps the water cooler than a typical pool. Our design allows for reduced evaporation rates and chemical uses, making them more economically friendly as well. Because of its size, it can easily transition from a pool by day to a hot tub by night. Don’t give up your backyard to a pool that limits you to one season.

Double deck people

Make the smart choice with a TINY POOL and enjoy the embrace the outdoors 365 day s a year with functional modern backyard living.


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