We Had a Tiny Pools Tour!

We’ve been scheming and dreaming for a couple of years now about holding a tour of Tiny Pools. Have you ever been on an architectural homes tour? Well, that’s what we modeled the Tiny Pools tour after! We also knew that COVID had crushed a lot of your travel plans, so we wanted to craft an unexpected traveling tour around Austin to visit four Tiny Pools (safely, within recommended social distancing and health guidelines) to experience a variety of pool sizes in unique yards.

We had over 80 people come out for the completely outdoors tour this past October to visit the four Tiny Pools that were all located within 15 minutes driving distance of each other. Check out the photos and details below to see what features were included with each of the pools – some had custom tile, two included our sliding deck cover, and one had a UV cleaning system as opposed to traditional chlorine.

// 8 x 12
// Charcoal stone lueder coping
// Standard tile – Navy 6 x 6
// Quartzscapes Tahoe Blue plaster
// Heater
// Katchakid safety net with leaf cover

// 10 x 18
// Precast concrete pool coping
// Standard Tile – Azure 1×1
// Quartzscapes French Grey plaster
// 5’ sun shelf
// 12 x 21 Slate Grey Azek sliding deck
// Salt water pool with heater

10 x 12 tiny

// 10 x 12
// Charcoal stone lueder coping
// Ann Sacks pool tile
// Quartzscapes Mariner Blue plaster
// 12 x 15 Hazelwood Azek sliding deck
// 400 BTU heater
// Spa jets in bench

10 x 20 tiny pool

// 10 x 20
// Charcoal stone lueder coping
// Standard tile – Marine Green 3 x 3
// Quartzscapes French grey plaster
// Paramount UV system
// 400 BTU pool heater