2020 by the Numbers

What a year! It was an odd one, it was a challenging one, but it was also a great one in many ways for Texas Tiny Pools. We built a record number of pools for our tiny company, grew our team, and held our first ever pool tour. Here are some of our plans for 2021:

1. Host another Tiny Pools tour – Keep an eye out for a Save the Date coming this spring!

2. Give back locally and globally – One of the reasons we founded Tiny Pools was to build responsible, safer pools. We want to deepen this mission by giving back locally here in Austin through our partnership with Colin’s Hope, as well as globally through economic partnerships that focus on sustainable construction and water usage.

3. Bring more Tiny Pools to Texas –  Last year was crazy as y’all know, and Tiny Pools definitely felt the “COVID boom” around home improvements. Along with our traditional “tinies”, we’ll also be building some non-traditional pools this year in different shapes, sizes and locations than we’ve ever done before. Keep an eye on our Instagram to see what we’ve got in the works!

Thank you for being part of the Tiny Pools journey with us!