Let’s Talk Plaster!

One of the most exciting steps of construction is plaster day – it’s when you get to fill ‘er up and your Tiny Pool really comes to life! Now you can see the vibrant colors that you painstakingly chose during the design process. But plaster comes with some homework! Here are steps to set your plaster up for success:

// Brush your plaster 3x / day for the first 14 days after it’s installed

// Never let your water level get to the plaster – always keep the water level half-way up the tile. Use your autofill feature if you have it or drag over the ol’ hose if it starts creeping down.

// When cleaning your pool (ideally twice a month), always brush the walls toward the drain to keep your plaster looking fresh and clean! 

This video of our Chief of Construction, Reece Hageman, details all of the steps to take to get your plaster in great shape.